German Wine Institute/Deutsches Weininstitut GmbH, Mainz
„The German Wine Institute has ben working with Romana Echensperger for a number of years, and we have frequently, and with great confidence, made use of her abilities – even bevore her time as a Master of Wine – In presenting wine seminars and events both in Germany and Internationally. There are a handful of other wine experts that also have outstanding tasting ability as well as a comprehensive knowledge of German wine, but what is unique about Romana is her infectious enthusiasm for the topics she presents, her ability to communicate complex topics successfully not only to wine experts, but also to „simple“ wine consumers, her reliability, spontaneity and, last but not least – her sense of humour.“
Steffen Schindler – Marketing Director – German Wine Institute

De Wijnstudio, Den Haag – Netherlands
Jeroen Bronkhorst, Henriette Bastiaans & Chantal Smeets
„Working with Romana is a real pleasure.
Her style of teaching is active and spontaneously and her knowledge of wine is fabulous, she seems to be an expert in any type of wine. Every lesson is thoroughly prepared, the presentations are clear and often funny. One can see the students are feeling comfortable and respected, which helps them to pay attention and being motivated to learn. I hope we will keep working together for a very long time!“
Jeroen Bronkhorst – Managing director – De Wijnstuido, Den Haag

Restaurant Academy, Stockholm, Sweden
“Romana is very appreciated among our students. Her vast wine knowledge and her ability to communicate this knowledge to the students in combination with her positive energy has made her one of our most regarded teachers at our two year Wset Diploma program.”
Morgan Kjellström – Chief administrative officer of education at the Restaurant Academy in Stockholm, Sweden

Wines of Israel
„Long before Romana obtained her Master of Wine title she had a thorough understanding and extraordinary feel for wine. It seems she was born with a glass of wine in her hand. But more important, Romana can get anyone excited about wine thanks to her deep knowledge, incredible empathy, positive attitude and her charming smile.“
Renée Salzman, Zag Wines Ltd., Israel

Obstkelterei van Nahmen GmbH & Co. KG
“Romana Echensperger was the first German sommelier to grasp the value of juice as an accompaniment in quality gastronomy and to act on it. We are grateful for her excellent co-operation and hold Ms Echensperger’s work and skills in high esteem. Not only does she provide brilliant expert reports on our mono-fraction juices, but as Master of Wine also looks after the sensory trainings we provide. Many thanks for the wonderful teamwork!”
Dr. Peter van Nahmen, Obstkelterei van Nahmen, Hamminkeln, Deutschland